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Salt Room Construction


We offer solutions for respiratory and skin problems with the power of salt aerosol. Salt therapy or halotherapy is performed in the so-called salt room (a room surrounded by a salt plaster). An aerosol of salt is blown into the room with the halogenerator. The therapy is adjusted to the age and condition of the client. Halotherapies are clinicaly proven to be safe, effective and are 100% natural.

We developed a binder, which is mixed with salt. The binder is CE certified as a health-safe, non-irritating respiration and skin. We assure you that when we are preparing the salt plaster mixtures, we do not use other building materials and our salt plaster is 100% safe.

The salt plaster we apply is durable and long lasting and breathable. In the offer we have a white salt room (salt plaster), a Himalayan salt room (made of Himalayan bricks) and a combination of a white salt room with details of Himalayan bricks.

In 4-5 working days we will make you a salt room as agreed.

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After the salt room is completed, training for working with salt rooms and clients and continuous communication with each other follows.

VivaSalt salt room