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VivaSalt SPA Qube


Extremely powerful halogenerator, manufactured and designed for use in a wellness and spa centres, intended for use in all spaces. Works as a classic halogenerator, the halogenerator is covered with 90 kg of Himalayan salt bricks,  that are known for the positive impact on human health. Over 99% of all the produced aerosol particles are size below 5 microns.

Halogenerator Vivasalt SPA CUBE

Supplied with or without Himalayan salt bricks due to avoiding transport costs. Mounting Himalayan bricks and stones is simple. It has its own wheels so it can be easily moved on the floor of the salt rooms. The unique construction recognizable by VivaSalt VivaSalt SPA QUBE achieve optimal air concentration in short time. Built-in LED lighting with 14 different colours of the Himalayan salt bricks  are creating an exceptional atmosphere in the room. Easy use, easy cleaning and adding salt.

Optional measurement of real-time Aero salt concentration. Exhaust Principle Aerosols up protected by Patentom

Technical information

Operating humidity:< 60%
Weight:20 do 110 kg
Consumption:200 W
Electrical voltage:100 – 240 V
Warranty:24 months
Dimensions:600 x 600 x 690 mm