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When knowedge, experience and heart connect, a VIVA SALT quality is created.

We offer you high quality solutions for salt rooms and halotherapy. We are distinguished by the exceptional quality and design in the construction of salt rooms, we use CE certified salt binder and we have developed permanently durable halogenators, which are the result of our 15 years experiences.

Testimonials & News

  • I would highly recommend halogenerator to an adult or a child who suffers from asthma. Every winter or start of school my daughter picks up every germ and is constantly on antibiotics steroids and a nebulizer due to her asthma.She recently had a very bad cold and of course cough came with it. After three sessions with VivaSalt Power , her cough is gone. No steroids needed. She also needs to take a nasal spray before she goes to bed she is off that now. Her airways are clear at night. We have to travel 40 minutes for the sessions but it's so worth it not to have to pump steroids and antibiotics into my daughter. So happy to try alternative and safe methods to help my daughter's asthma. We do anything to help our little ones.
  • Highly recommend! Had my first session today & already my breathing is much better. I have constant sinus & chest infections. Antibiotics, steroids, etc, no longer work so gave the salt rooms a try. I'll definitely be back.
  • I brought my four year old son here today after a day and night of constant coughing. I said I'd give the salt room a try instead of the usual steroids that would of been prescribed. He was a brand new child afterwards barely coughed and now sleeping soundly.
  • I broke my nose 27 years ago and have been unable to breathe through my nose since - After 4 sessions in the Salt Rooms Ratoath I can breathe through my nose again - AMAZING!
  • Halotherapy — from the Greek “halos,” which means “salt" — uses dry aerosol micro-particles of salt or minerals inside of a large, arid space to simulate the microclimate of salt mines. Salt exposure as a therapeutic treatment developed after 1843, when Polish physician Feliks Boczowski noticed that his patients, who worked in salt mines, had no respiratory or lung problems compared to other miners. Morda je slika naslednjega: besedilo
  • With halogenerators we create a controlled concentration of aerosol, which is created in nature by the sea. 30 minutes in a salt room is like being 4 days at the sea ❤️. Morda je slika naslednjega: vodno telo in besedilo, ki pravi »VIVASALT«
  • VivaSalt Lux, portable halogenerator was redesigned and made more powerful. It can be used at home in IR sauna, salt cabin or any suitable room you have. Many of our customers are using it for animal therapies (specially horses). If you have any questions write to: info@vivasalt.eu
    “Many studies have been carried out on the benefit of Halotherapy, which is considered both Salt Therapy and Cave Therapy, in chronic respiratory diseases. In this context, it is considered that Halotherapy can be useful in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases of individuals with COVID-19 disease in our study based on these studies. Also, scientific studies are recommended treating patients with COVID-19 in areas where salt therapy and speleotherapy are involved in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases.”
    Last week we received a phone call from a lady who’s horse had developed a seasonal cough days before their first Hoys championship class together.
    The client brought the horse to Rookery HQ for a few sessions in our salt chamber and the horse went and competed in the class only two days later with no coughing and actually placed. 🎉
    We are over the moon to have been able to offer such a service and wish them both all the very best of luck for the future.
    *please note we have not named any classes as this client and her horse wish to remain anonymous.