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VivaSalt Mediteran

VivaSalt Mediteran

The halogenerator is needed to provide salt therapy (halotherapy) service. It is a device that creates an aerosol of salt which is sprayed into salt room. Breathing deep enters into the respiratory system.

The product of our development, VivaSalt Mediteran +, is designed for rooms in the size of up to 15m2. Halogenerator is made and built from quality materials that allows long-term use.

Technical information

Operating humidity: < 60%
Weight: 5 kg
Consumption: 40 W
Electrical voltage: 100 – 240 V
Warranty: 36 months
Dimensions: 388x310x170 mm
VivaSalt Salt halogenerator Mediteran

VivaSalt Mediteran + it’s easy to use. You can select different possible programs through the illuminated touch screen, adjust the length of the therapy and the aerosol concentration, automatically count down the remaining time of the treatment and has an exceptional grinding power.