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Do you perhaps have health problems with your respiratory system or skin? Health problems like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, common ear infections, angina, tonsilitis, sinusitis, COPD, laryngitis, eczema, hay fever, mite allergy, psoriasis, etc.? Have you tried halotherapy? Halotherapy is 100% natural method with very pure salt, with no additives. All you do is breathe and while breathing you intake a micron sized particles of dry aerosol of salt directly to your respiratory system.

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If you already have had a halotherapy in salt room, have you ever wondered what is this machine, that makes this fine aerosol of dry salt and how it works? For some people it is hard to understand that this method is so powerful and healing and really so easy to administer.

Halotherapy is a name of a therapy, which is carried out with a device called a halogenerator. Halogenerator is a machine that produces dry aerosol of salt. With the usual physiological function of breathing, it enters the body’s respiratory system, where the whole spectrum of action of the respiratory immune system is activated and has a beneficial effect. Dry aerosol of salt maintains hypobacterial and allergen-free air.

If you would rest in salt room without halogenerator working you wouldn't have had halotherapy. Without halogenerator there is no halotherapy. While trying to imitate the salt cave microclima various techniques are used. Salt coating of walls is ineffective. Salt bricks which cover the walls can be used only in decoration purposes. Walls with salt coating or salt bricks have only auxiliary functions, moisture conditions, air purity and some noise absorbing.

When pure salt is added to the halogenerator, it is converted into a finely ground aerosol and blown into the room. halogenerators differ in size and purpose. The size of the halogenerator is important depending on the size of the room. Halogenerators are intended for private to professional use and for the treatment of humans or animals. It has preset programs according to variety of disease. It is very important to know, why the customer wants to attend halotherapy; for example, halotherapy for sinusitis is not suitable for asthma and also you need to know if for example a patient with eczema also has asthma.

The aerosol of dry salt varies in different sizes. Particles up to 5 microns in size penetrate deep into the respiratory tract and skin. It also has a high surface energy and negative electric charge. Because respiratory system is slightly positive charged aerosol of dry salt has better impact and absorption. Dosing and management of salt aerosol parameters are necessary for efficient and safe usage of the method taking into account variety of illness.

Halogenerator produces aerosol of dry salt that makes a hypobacterial and allergen free air. Aerosol of dry salt produced by halogenerator interconnect due to electrostatic interacting forces with particles of aerial contamination and quicken their settling thus purifying the air in the room and also aeroionization occurs. Air molecules and aerosol of dry salt interact and causes aeroionization. Himidity of 40 to 60% and temperature of 20 to 24°C enables stable environment of aerodispersion.

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It is mounted vertically on an exterior wall of the salt room, with opening coming through the wall into the salt room. The environment of installing halogenerator has to be dry and room temperature. For types of halogenerator, that are suitable to use inside the room, you do not need an opening. It needs electrical power, so a plug with standard outlet has to be nearby. Where to place halogenerator it depends on the design of the salt room, where it has a door, a fan, where the seats or beds for customers will be, speakers, etc.

It really depends on your wishes and what in reality is optimal, but in the end, we make it possible.

It is really very simple. You warm up the salt for halogenerator. It is very pure salt and because it has no additives in it, it binds moisture to itself very quickly. This is why we warm it, dry it. Wet salt does not grind well or not enough dry salt aerosol is formed. Even if aerosol is dry enough and it enters into moist environment it will get wet quickly, which means it will fall to the ground faster and not float in the air as usual. This kind of halotherapy is not optimal. Put salt into the halogenerator as instructed.

Choose a preset program that is appropriate for your client’s health. The device allows you to choose the length of therapy and concentration of dry aerosol of salt, regardless of the preset program. When you press start, the halotherapy starts. At the same time, you can monitor the automatic countdown to the end of halotherapy. When the set time has elapsed, the halogenerator switches off automatically.

Preset programs are set for diseases like asthma, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, COPD, pneumonia, ear infection, tonsilitis, sinusitis, eczema, psoriasis, for athletes, angina, etc. for lower and upper respiratory problems and skin.

More detailed information you get when we install VIVA SALT halogenerator. You will receive training on the process of working in salt rooms and halogenerator management. We understand that start is scary and hard, so we are there for you. Our support never ends, and absolutely no question is stupid question. Feel free to ask.

VIVA SALT halogenerators are a product of years of experiences. Before our brand was born, we have been working with halogenerators from other brands. Some things we didn’t like or their characteristics were annoying, so we developed our own. It was a couple years before our device was ready to be given to the market. You need to realize that it is not as easy as it may seem. Certain physical laws must also be observed, especially how the quality of the salt aerosol during halotherapy’s made.  When you place very pure dry salt of certain size into the feeder of the halogenerator it is grinded into micro sized particles. These particles are administered into salt room by fan. Then of course also testing’s, suitable materials for use, that the device is user-friendly, easy to clean and operate, etc.

When you buy halogenerator VIVA SALT, you also get free training, free support, manual, a bag with necessary cleaning and dosing tools, a start pack of pure salt for halotherapies, etc.

Often, we hear, that salt rooms are not suitable, because a hygiene is not well maintained and you can still pick up the virus by visiting. First of all, if that was true, then people working there would be constantly ill. Second of all, why would anyone invest in salt room if that was true.  Third – what about all those researches that you can find online? Fake?

At some point we have had enough off these unsubstantiated claims and we therefore conducted research.

In cooperation with the Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana, we conducted research on the air quality in salt rooms in February 2022.

The research took place in the Salt Villa, Ljubljana, Slovenia, where they use only VIVA SALT halogenerators.

They have 3 salt rooms. In one salt room (SV) were 2 people present during halotherapy, who had signs of a cold. In the second room (H) was just halotherapy perfomed, but there was nobody inside. The third salt room (PV) was without persons and halotherapy was not performed either.

Salt room SV and PV are covered with salt coating, salt room H has one wall covered with Himalayan salt bricks, other walls and ceiling are not decorated. On the floor of salt room H is ¾ raised area made of Himalayan bricks, ¼ thick-grained salt is scattered on the rest of the ground.

Room temperature and humidity were set as recommended for salt rooms.

Plates with culture medium were placed and opened in all three rooms and in reception room. Right after the halotherapy stopped, the plates were closed and brought to the refrigerator, where they waited for the staff from the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana to take over, where they were also taken. After the plates were removed from salt rooms and reception room, only then the process of disinfection and ventilation began.

After a few days we have received the results. For more detailed results you click here.

Air quality of air in salt rooms and reception room in salt rooms with VIVA SALT halogenerators are comparable to hospital criteria for microbial contamination. This are very high standards.

Halotherapy is a safe therapy and when client is entering the salt room, it is a very clean environment, where he can relieve from allergens like dust mites, hay fever, triggers that cause sick building syndrome, etc. Halotherapy is suitable for ages 6 months and up.

Without halogenerator is not a halotherapy. Device grinds the pure salt, makes aerosol of dry salt, pushes it into salt room where you inhale it. Because of described process, this aerosol of dry salt is very beneficiary.

You can find various devices on the market that use salt in their operation and therefore claim to be halotherapy. By no means does their mode of operation match that of a halogenerator for halotherapies in salt rooms and efficiency is also questionable.

For some, it is more about using your own breath and breathing through thick-grained salt or salt preparations.

Some devices work like inhalers operating in the same way as saline inhalers. Inhalation time, salt moisture, size of particles (if any) which are probably minimal and salt purity are parameters that are not easy to control and are therefore questionable.

Frequently asked questions

How is a halogenerator better than visiting a salt cave?

With your own halogenerator, there’s no need for prior booking and reservations, possibly somewhere far away. Also, the settings on the halogenerator match perfectly with your needs, which in turn helps improve results. With a halogenerator, you can enjoy the beneficial qualities of salt in the comfort of your own home, any time you please.

What can be treated with a halogenerator?

Salt therapies are known to improve a number of ailments, from asthma to eczema, psoriasis and several respiratory illnesses. Salt acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial as well as a natural cleaning agent.

When do you need a halogenerator?

If you find that you or your family members are suffering from one of the ailments that can be treated with halotherapy, we recommend investing in a low-budget salt room. you can build your own salt room or salt cave right in your home, even with limited resources.