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VivaSalt Animal

VivaSalt Animal is a unique halogenerator developed for animal therapy. It is easy to use, does not corrode and offers exceptional efficiency.

Probably the only real device manufactured for use in animal halotherapy. The Halogenerator produces the best aerosol of salt and only with the finest particles so produced is Halotherapy possible. The salt particles are scattered in the salt room and breathe deeply into the respiratory system.

It is the result of our many years of development and is produced with the latest technology. 

VivaSalt Animal is designed for areas up to 15 m2. Built-in parts meet the highest standards that allow for long-term use.

Technical information

Operating humidity:< 60%
Weight:5 kg
Consumption:50 W
Electrical voltage:100 – 240 V
Warranty:36 months
Dimensions:388x310x170 mm

Technical information portable

Operating humidity:< 60%
Weight:4 kg
Consumption:30 W
Electrical voltage:100–240 V
Dimensions:335 x 165 x 175 mm
Warranty:24 months
VivaSalt Animal

VivaSalt Animal gives you a good user experience, it is easy to use. With the illuminated color touch screen you can choose different programs, adjust the length of therapy and aerosol concentration, have an automatic countdown of the remaining time and many advanced functions with exceptional power of salt grinding. It does not contain a salt dispenser, but it is technically possible to add salt without disassembling the device. There is no possibility of corrosion of the parts of the appliance, which is also the most common defect of the devices that work in the presence of salt.