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Best psoriasis treatment and psoriasis disease

Psoriasis disease is autoimmune dermatological disease that is long lasting and it is noncontagious. It is very annoying, scaly, dry and itchy. It shows as raised areas of abnormal skin covered with plaques and they can be from red to purple on people with darker skin. If normal skin cell grow and fall off (shed) in a month, than psoriasis skin cell grow in three to four days, because immune system overacts in a way that speeds up skin cell growth. Somehow your immune system attacks healthy skin cells by mistake. Cells on area of psoriatic disease don’t fall off but pile up on the surface of the skin. Psoriasis disease is commonly found on knees, scalp, face, palms soles of feet, fingernails, mouth, toenails, elbows, lower back but can also appear on any part of the body.

Psoriasis disease can start at any age and affects women and man equally. For some it is just a minor irritation. For some a psoriasis disease is living night mare and can affect their quality of life.

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Serious health conditions are related to psoriasis disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, heart disease and psoriatic arthritis. There is no universal best psoriasis treatment.

When psoriasis disease causes psoriatic arthritis, you should see a rheumatologist. Because psoriasis disease affects joints, tissues around the joint and other connective tissues it can be felt as joint pain and stiffness. Because the same symptoms appear for psoriatic arthritis as other types of arthritis you really need to see a rheumatologist for detailed diagnose.

It is known that there are several types of psoriatic disease that can occur at the same time, which means you can only have one type of psoriasis or more at a time.

Psoriasis disease usually involves periods when there are no symptoms or they are mild and then comes a period when symptoms are more severe and can run in families.

Symptoms and signs of psoriasis disease

Psoriasis disease can range from a few spots to major eruptions of large areas.

Common signs and symptoms are:

  • Burning, soreness near affected areas and itching
  • Dry skin or skin that is cracked and bleeds
  • Swollen joints
  • Thickened, pitted toenails and fingernails
  • Patches that are discolored or raised plaques of skin, covered with scales

What can provoke a psoriasis disease?

Well, there are different triggers for different people. Best way is to observe what makes psoriatic disease trigger. It is known that immune system and genetics can be triggers.  But sometimes psoriatic disease develops even if there is no family history of the disease. Common triggers are stress, injury to the skin, certain medications and illness (strep infections). So, the best psoriasis treatment would be, if you could avoid these triggers.

Stress has a major influence for some people with psoriasis disease, either causing it to worsen or to flare up for the first time. Managing stress with meditation, exercise, yoga, etc. may help.

Upper respiratory infections, especially strep throat activates the immune system and can cause psoriatic disease to flare up. If you have frequent sore throat a long-term antibiotic may be an option. What can affect the immune system can also trigger psoriasis disease.

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Medications such as for treating high blood pressure and lithium for a mental disorder can make psoriasis disease worse.

Smokers have almost double risk for psoriasis disease compared to no-smokers.

If you are having more than two drinks a day it could be a trigger for psoriasis disease flare.

Certain foods may reduce inflammation and help with psoriasis disease. Studies show that many people with psoriasis disease may also have a gluten sensitivity. If you see that this is what triggers your psoriasis disease than try to avoid it.

These habits (alcohol and smoking) are most common sins of people who have psoriasis. He sins and then searches best psoriasis treatment. One likes to overdo it, but it really doesn’t pay off, as the outbreak can be very strong and returning to normal can be quite time consuming.

You should keep your skin moisturized with a fragrance-free moisturizer. Excessively dry skin can cause a psoriasis disease to flare up.

Cold weather can trigger psoriasis disease to flare up due to less sunlight and humidity, stress and illness, heated and drier indoor air.

Some people suspect allergies, environment factors, alcohol, certain food to trigger their psoriasis disease. What triggers yours you can find out if you track and write down your symptoms and triggers in some kind of diary of triggers.

Psoriasis disease may affect your relationship, emotional health, even what to wear can be challenging, it might make you feel isolated… There are ways you can handle flares and your psoriasis disease, you just have to find, what is the best psoriasis treatment for you.

What is good to know?

Psoriasis is a chronic and lifelong disease. It has periods of dormancy and outbreaks.

Best psoriasis treatment depends on how severe the psoriasis is and how responsive it has been to previous treatment and it aims to stop skin cells from growing so quickly and to remove scales. What suits you, you will need to find out by trying different methods, sometimes even a combination of different methods helps.

Your doctor may prescribe you injected or oral drugs. Some medications may have potential for severe side effects and are used for only brief periods.

Light therapy may be a best psoriasis treatment for you.  It is suitable for moderate to severe psoriasis and can be combined with medications. It needs to be repeated and involves exposing the skin to controlled amounts of artificial or natural light:

  • Sunlight (daily brief exposures to sunlight)
  • UVB broadband and UVB narrowband (a light therapy from an artificial light source)
  • Psoralen plus ultraviolet A (PUVA) (before exposure to UVA light you take a light sensitizing medication (psoralen) which enable for UVA light to penetrate deeper into the skin.)
  • Excimer laser (because of the powerful UVB light is used fewer sessions are needed).

Also, it may turn out that topical therapy is the best psoriasis treatment for you:

  • Corticosteroids (they are most frequently prescribed medications and are available as creams, gels, lotions, ointments, foams, shampoo and sprays).
  • Salicylic acid shampoo and scalp solutions (for scalp psoriasis)
  • Coal tar, Anthralin (reduces scaling, inflammation and itching)
  • Vitamin D analogues (synthetic forms of vitamin D)

It has been proven multiple time, that halotherapy has a very beneficiary effect on respiratory tract. Aerosol of dry and very clean salt penetrate deep and all the way to the lungs where they enhance immune defense and provide anti-inflammatory effect, bronchodrainage and have bacteriostatic impact. Because of this effect of aerosol of dry salt made by halogenerator clearance and recovery of respiratory tract internal environment occur.

Could halotherapy be the best psoriasis treatment and eczema treatment?

In a study, made by dr. Cherviskaya (ChervinskayaA.JI: Prospects of halotherapy in sanatorium-and-spa dermatology and cosmetology. – Resortbulletin.-2006. -N.3(36). -Po 74-75. (Rus.), KOCMemOJlOcuu//KypopmellbleeeiJoMocmu. -2006. -M3 (36) -C.74-75) you will find, that a very positive effect was observed in patients with eczema and psoriasis. It really can help to reduce the inflammation and reduces the severity of the symptoms, kills bad bacteria and fungi, exfoliates the skin, stimulates cell regeneration.

Because of the specific way of production of a dry aerosol of salt it is charged with a negative charge and high surface energy. Physical properties of dry aerosol of salt has a electro-ionic effect on the skin integument and on the walls of respiratory tract.

When aerosol of dry salt lays on open skin aeras increases activity of skin cell ion channels and activates electrophysiological activity of skin protective properties. When they researched what happened to skin microbiocenosis after halotherapy it showed normalization of superficial autoflora composition,anti-inflammatroy effect, bacteriostatic impact and antiedematous effect.

Halotherapy has a beneficial effect on skin microcirculation, causes reparative-regenerative processes in derma, increases skin tugor, improves skin health. It is an effective method of treatment and prophilaxis for patients with burn disease and some skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, neurodermitis (Gorbenko Vladimir, Gorbenko Pavel, National institute of health, Saint Petersburg Institute of prophylactic medicine, Zdorovii mir™ (Saint Petersburg, Russia), University Ukraine Khyst (Ukraine)). This was the best psoriasis treatment for us.

So, what did we do?

We conducted one really micro study back in 2015, based mainly on observation of the volunteer. It is an elderly woman, age 55. She is now retired, but at the time of the study, she was working in pharmacy. Prior to attending halotherapy, she had psoriasis on her elbows with visible patches of thickened skin, and redness in some places. Psoriasis was also reflected on the scalp. In the spring, she had problems with hay fever and various other allergies throughout the year. At the same time, she also had chronic sinusitis. She was looking for best psoriasis treatment and never heard about halotherapy and was willing to give it a go.

Normal life was difficult for her, as she was more indoors due to allergies. For psoriasis, she found that plain base cream, without fragrances and other additives, suits her best.  Also, these patches were very itchy. She tried to alleviate the allergy with various antihistamines, which were only partially successful, she still had a stuffy nose, her voice was known to have inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, probably also associated with chronic sinusitis.

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She visited at least 25 halotherapy, each time for 60 minutes long. Her elbows were during halotherapy exposed; she was always dressed in short sleeve T-shirt.

As it turns out, she finds halotherapy as one of the best psoriasis treatment. Hay fever miraculously disappeared, so she was able to enjoy the spring outdoors, which was not possible in previous years. There were no more allergies. Inflammation of the sinuses? Remember when we first wrote down what problems she has and, among other things, chronic sinusitis? In this regard, she says that sinusitis occurs only occasionally.

Picture 1: Before first halotherapy

Picture 2: 10. halotherapy

You really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see, that in Picture2 a really good improvement is seen. Especially on her right elbow. The redness has reduced, the patches has shrunk.  Itchiness is gone.

We don’t have any more pictures to show, but after 25 halotherapy her skin was really good looking. Only small part of redness was seen at the end of the elbows. After halotherapy she went on holidays at the sea, and she said, that in a long time she didn’t have had so beautiful skin.

Best psoriasis treatment it can be different for each individual, but we recommend halotherapy in the process of managing remission or improving the skin condition.

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What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is known as a chronic skin condition, characterised by redness, flakes, crustiness and patchiness as well as general skin irritability, mostly on the joints (elbows, knees, knuckles, ankles) and scalp, but it can appear anywhere on the skin, including the face and torso.

What causes psoriasis

Psoriasis is an immune-mediated incurable skin condition, which means there is no known cause, other than an incorrect immune response that leads to inflammation on the skin – raised plaques, silver scales etc. However, there are known triggers that can cause psoriasis to flare up, such as: cold and dry weather, injuries (scrapes, bug bites, sunburn), other auto-immune illnesses. There are also indications of factors that exacerbate the symptoms, such as: allergies, certain foods, alcohol and stress. The best way to learn about your triggers is to monitor flare-ups adn determine which factors were present at the time.

How efficient is halotherapy against psoriasis?

Since some of the main triggers for psoriasis also include allergies, air particles and weather, halotherapy has shown to be an extremely efficient way of combatting psoriasis. Not only does it help with the before-mentioned symptoms, regular therapy also reduces stress and further alleviates the symptoms. Individuals report massive improvements after as few as 10 60-minute therapies.